Join the petition for Gun Violence Prevention and Gun Safety!

Guns are now the leading cause of death for American children. We are calling on elected officials to protect the health and wellbeing of children by adopting the majority-approved, common-sense, gun safety solutions.

We as a group of bipartisan physician mothers and physician fathers in Tennessee, with children in both public and private schools, are writing to urge the expedited development of common-sense legislation surrounding gun laws. We recognize this urgency not only during the week of the mass casualty at the Covenant School, but WEEK AFTER WEEK following the mass shootings with assault rifles at other schools across the nation. We are uniquely positioned to speak to the impact of gun legislation as we have the dual experience of being physicians on standby for a mass casualty arrival in our emergency rooms and treating patients with long term physical and psychological trauma, and being parents with this fear for our own children’s safety at school.

As physicians, we are well aware of the lack of sufficient mental health resources for both adults and children. Mental illness is not the sole cause of these mass shootings, and improving mental health access alone will not stop these school shootings. Mass shooting casualties in schools and public events have escalated in both frequency and volume since the lifting of the assault rifle ban (see chart). This is no coincidence; this is direct cause and effect. Firearms are now the number one leading cause of death of children in the United States.


Estimates show that, had the ban been in place through 2017, 314 of the 448 mass shooting deaths that occurred from 2004 to 2017 could have been prevented.

While upholding 2nd amendment rights, you have the choice and the power to save lives by supporting red flag laws in Tennessee and in the US. Responsible gun ownership can go hand-in-hand with the instituting a red flag law in Tennessee and other preventative measures. Solutions which only address mental health and school security will not impact the safety of our school children AS THOROUGHLY AND AS EXPEDIENTLY as banning assault-style weapons of mass casualty and implementing red flag laws IMMEDIATELY.

We urge you to join our coalition in addressing this issue in a multifactorial response which includes ALL of the following:

  • school security
  • mental health support and access
  • banning weapons of mass casualty in the form of AR-15 and other assault rifles

We call on our elected leaders to enact common sense legislation that will protect our children, our patients, and our communities from senseless gun violence.

Signed by...

Dr. Vidya Bansal, MD
Kanza Abbas, MD
Robert Abraham, MD
Lealani Mae Acosta, MD
Dawn Adams, MD
Sharon A Adkins, MD
Ruhy Afza, MD
Anju Agarwal, MD
Vineet Agrawal, MD
Garima Agrawal, MD
Vaishali Ahir, MD
Saniya Ahmed, MD
Lubna Ahmed, MD
Iram Ahmed, MD
Reshma Ajmere, MD
Halleh Akbarnia, MD
Khaleel Al-Obaidy, MD
Tammy Alberico, MD
Lisa Alderson, MD
Vinita Alexander, MD
Mary-Margaret Allen, MD
Alecia Allen, MD
Evan Allie, MD
Tina Allocco, MD
Suneetha Amara, MD
Lindsay Amick, MD
Mamatha Ananth, MD
Karolina Anderson, MD
Julia Anderson, MD
Brent Anderson, MD
Anne Anderson, MD
Laura Andreson, DO
Jennifer Andrews, MD
Heather L Andrews, MD
Emily Anstadt, MD
Susmitha Anumukonda, MD
Vineesha Arelli, MD
Ahmad Arham, MD
David Armstrong, MD
Amit Arora, MD
Nitika Arora, MD
Komal Arora, MD
Vijay Arvind, MD
Tia Aryal, MD
Linda Ashford, MD
Nafia Ashique, MD
Melissa Ashlin, MD
Falguni Asrani, MD
Tufik Assad, MD
Hrayr Attarian, MD
Katelyn Atwater, MD
N S Babu, MD
Elizabeth Bailes, MD
Geetika Bajpai, MD
Mallory Baker, MD
Katherine Baker, MD
Rashmi Bala, MD
Austyn Baldwin, MD
Alison Ball, MD
Dr. Sushma Banda, MD
Surekha Bandlamuri, MD
Jona Bandyopadhyay, MD
Anuja Bandyopadhyay, MD
Kamna Bansal, MD
Ekta Bansal, MD
Vdya Bansal, MD
Vaishali Bansilal, MD
Janice Barkley, MD
April Barnado, MD
Mark Barnes, MD
Rumana Barodawalla, MD
Chris Baron, MD
Amanda Barrett, MD
Tyler W Barrett, MD
Urvashi Barua-Nath, MD
Ellie Batchison, MD
Rebecca Beard, MD
Katy Beckermann, MD
Saba Beg, MD
Wendy Behr, MD
Zoe Belkin, MD
Sunny Bell, MD
Gwen Bell, MD
Lisa Bellin, MD
Daniel Benedetti, MD
jack benhayon, MD
Kristina Betters, MD
Mallary Beutler, MD
Anan Bhakta, MD
jyotsna bhatnagar, MD
Heli Bhatt, MD
Sayanti Bhattacharya, MD
Reena Bhina, MD
Sarah Bick, MD
Alexander Bick, MD
Emily Bird, MD
Kelly Birdwell, MD
Bethany Birkelo, MD
Lindsay Bischoff, MD
Jennifer Black, MD
Ashley Blye, MD
Madhavi Boga, MD
indira bollampally, MD
Kavita Bomb, MD
Dana Bonaminio, MD
Jean Webb Bonnyman, MD
Amy Gordon Bono, MD
Whitney Boon, MD
Gina Botsko, MD
William Bowers, MD
Katharine Boyle, MD
Sandhya Brachio, MD
Dianne Bradley, MD
Cassie Brady, MD
Carey Bramlett, MD
Kristy A Branson, MD
Steven Branson, MD
Steve Branson, MD
Prabhjot Brar, MD
Brett Brazen, MD
Joyce Bremer, MD
Rachel Brightwell, MD
Douglas Brinkley, MD
Charlotte Brown, MD
Amy Brown, MD
Rebekah Flowers Brown, MD
Charlotte Brown, MD
Heather Bruce, MD
Christina Cain, MD
warren campbell, MD
Natalie Campo, MD
Adriana Canas-Polesel, MD
Nicole Cantwell, MD
Shilpa Carlson, MD
Barbara Carranza Leon, MD
Alicia Carver, MD
Jonathan Casey, MD
Jessica Castilho, MD
Tatiana Catanzarite, MD
Helen Cavasin, MD
Alexandra Cesare, MD
Rina Chabra, MD
Jincy Chacko-Thomas, MD
Janice Chaffee, MD
Beth Anne Chalmers, MD
Lola Chambless, MD
Trushar Champaneria, MD
Rachel Champion, MD
Khusbu Chandarana, MD
Vivian Y Chang, MD
Elizabeth Chang, MD
Alejandro Chara, MD
Radhika Chaudhary, MD
Vatsala Chawla, MD
Mary Cheuvront, MD
Joshua Chew, MD
Geoff Chidsey, MD
Amirtha Chinnadurai, MD
Ramua Chinnasamy, MD
Jennifer Choe, MD
Kokil Chopra, MD
Bhavana Choudhary, MD
Rajasree Pia Chowdry, MD
Colette Christie, MD
Julia T Christman, MD
Ananda Chunduri, MD
Lauren P Clanton, MD
Cheryl Clayton, MD
Warren Clayton, MD
James Clegg, MD
Jincy Clement, MD
Vanassee Dale Clingan, MD
Michael Coleman, MD
Tracy Coffey, MD
Colin Barker Colin Barker, MD
Sheila Collins, MD
Beatrice Concepcion, MD
James Connelly, MD
Caroline Cooley, MD
Elizabeth Cooper, MD
Katherine W Corlew, MD
Kevin Cox, MD
Kaylin Craig, MD
Lane Crawford, MD
Aleia Crim, MD
Carolyn Crispell, MD
Leslie Cuevas, MD
Allyson Cundiff, MD
Jennifer Cunningham, MD
Patrick Cunningham, MD
David Curfman, MD
Alison Curfman, MD
Julie Damp, MD
Jill Danford, MD
Amanda Daniel, MD
Danette Daniel, MD
Negar Daniels, MD
David Dantzler, MD
Ryan Darby, MD
Jasmin Darling, MD
Rekha Das, MD
Varalaxmi Dasari, MD
RUchi Dash, MD
Shaeequa Dasnadi, MD
Kristin Davis, MD
Katie Davis, MD
Karen B Davis, MD
Stephanie Dawson, MD
Hargi De, MD
Jill De Vis, MD
Sohni Dean, MD
Bhargavi Degapudi, MD
Caitlin Demarest, MD PhD
Rachel Deming, MD
Anika Denali Luengo, MD
Edward Dennis, MD
Sheetal Deo, MD
Mihir Desai, MD
Desai Desai, MD
Shweta Desai, MD
Shaili Desai, MD
Supreet Dhaliwal, MD
Harmanjeet Dhaliwal, MD
Navneet Dhillon, MD
Lauren Diatte, MD FAAP
Isaura Diaz, MD
Jeannie Diaz, MD
Annola Dildy, MD
Roopa Dillikar, MD
Radhika Dinavahi, MD
Patricia Dishman, MD
Andrea Djabi, MD
Andrea Djabi, MD
Amanda Doran, MD
Tracy Dozier, MD
Carey Dozier, MD
Renee Dua, MD
Renee Dua, MD
Hannah Dudney, MD
Mariu Duggan, MD
Rebecca Duke, MD
Meredith Duke, MD
Sonia Dulai, MD
Amy Dunbar, MD
Karen M Dunlap, MD
Melanie Dunn, MD
Chris Durkin, MD
Linda Dyer, MD
Robert Eadie, MD
Sonia Eapen, MD
Neha Eden, MD
Amber Edwards, MD
Stephanie Eidson, MD
Naseem Eisa, MD
Patricia Elder, MD
Eve Carolyn Elias, MD
Jeanne Ellett, MD
Lesli Emmetts, MD
Holly Ende, MD
Swarupa Eskapalli, MD
Caroline Eskind, MD
Jennifer Ess, MD
Kevin Ess, MD
Jennifer K Ess, MD
Kathleen Gong Essel, MD
Rebecca Everett, MD
Joyce Eyler, MD
Swathi Eyyunni, MD
John Fahrenholz, MD
Joanna Fair, MD
Terri Faircloth, MD
Kay Farmer, MD
Saeeda Fatima, MD
Shindana Feagins, MD
Andrea Feilner, MD
Lee Fentriss, MD
Ania Fida, MD
Alistair James Reid Finlayson, MD
Avni Finn, MD
Hannah Fish-Trottee, MD
Hannah Fish-Trotter, MD
Christina Fiske, MD
Sarah Fitzlaff, MD
Jeri Fitzpatrick, MD
Madeline Fitzpatrick, MD
Pete Fong, MD
Megan Ford, MD
Desirae Forte, MD
Desirae Forte, MD
Alex Foy, MD
Leslie Franklin, MD
Suzanne Freeman, MD
Don Freeman, MD
Sarah Fremont, MD
Anu French, MD
Appy Frenchman, MD
Patricia Frost, MD
Brogan Fulks, MD
Lynn Fullenkamp, MD
Melissa Fuller, MD
Kris A Gaffney, MD
Laura Gaffney, MD
Dakim Gaines, MD
Vee Gajera, MD
Sherry Galloway, MD
Kanchan Ganda, MD
Palliyath Neethi Gangadharan, MD
Sapna Gangaputra, MD
Sapna Gangaputra, MD
Mariela Garcia, MD
Angelica Garrett, MD
Andrea Garrett, MD
Alinda Gary, MD
Emily Gasparini, MD
Mark Gaylord, MD
Christina Gelbard, MD
Alexander Gelbard, MD
Jiby George, MD
Anita George, MD
Raeeda Gheewala, MD
Giovanna A Giannico, MD
Mike K Gibson, MD
Naveed Gill, MD
Jasleen Gill, MD
Christin Giordano McAuliffe, MD
Mark Glazer, MD
Karina Gobin, MD
Sweta Goel, MD
Michael Golinko, MD
Mariana Gomez, MD
Lindsey Goodman, MD
Sarah Goodrich, MD
Sreeja Gopinathan, MD
Hema Govil, MD
Shilpa Gowda, MD
Poornima Goyal, MD
Eleanor Gradidge, MD
Christie Green, MD
Jennifer Green, MD
Katrina Green, MD
Elton Greene, MD
Lauren Gregory, MD
Angela Grochowsky, MD
Shari Gross, MD
Forrest Gross Jr., MD
Autavia Dior Grubaugh, MD
James Guider, MD
Bud Guider, MD
Margaret Gunning, MD
Sonal Gupta, MD
Milli Gupta, MD
Deepak Gupta, MD
Aditi Gupta, MD
Ruby Gupta, MD
Raina Gupta, MD
Milli Gupta, MD
Shikha Gupta, MD
Renu Gupta, MD
Shweta Gupta, MD
Sonal Gupta, MD
Keith Hagan, MD
Kevin Hageman, MD
Linda Halperin, MD
Cameron Halsell, MD
Katherine Hamilton, MD
Margaret Hamilton, MD
Sarfaraz Haque, MD
Emily Hardcastle, MD
Amanda Erica Harris, MD
Elizabeth Harris, MD
A. Hart, MD
Lindsey Hartsell, MD
Sara Harvey, MD
Susan Harwell, MD
Tarek Hassouna, MD
Jill Heavrin, MD
Steven Hegedus, MD
Sonya Heidt, MD
Julian C Heitz Jr., MD
Dr. Celeste Hemingway, MD
Anna Hemnes, MD
Tony Henderson, MD
Danielle Hendrick, MD
Julie Hendrix, MD
Kari Hewat, MD
Laura Hickman, MD
Barbara J Higgins, MD
Joanne R Hilliard, MD
Melissa Hilmes, MD
Jamie Ho, MD
Melissa Hogan, MD
Irene Hong-McAtee, MD
Richard Hoos, MD
Denise R Hopkins, MD
Tara Horr, MD
Sara Horst, MD
Amanda Howland, MD
Jeffrey Huggett, MD
Jana Huggins, MD
Sean Hughes, MD
Caitlin Hughes, MD
Tara Huss, MD
Fareeda Hussain, MD
Sushma Indukuri, MD
Krithi Irmady, MD
David Isaacs, MD
Marleine Ishak, MD
Preetha Iyengar, MD
Jasmin Jaafar, MD
Javaria Jabeen, MD
Greg Jackson, MD
Dany Jacob, MD
Deena Jacob, MD
Sneha Jadhav, MD
Shobha Jagadeesh, MD
Deepali Jain, MD
Juhi Jain, MD
Richa Jain, MD
Kathryn Jalovec, MD
Kaitlin James, MD
Neena James, MD
Julia James, MD
Jyothi Jasti, MD
Susan Jeansonne, MD
Sreedevi Koppisetti Jenigiri, MD
Bharat Jenigiri, MD
Henry Jennings, MD
Nupur Jhawar, MD
Monica Jimenez, MD
Rachel John, MD
Joyce Johnson, MD
Swati Johnson, MD
Susan Johnston, MD
MaryAnn Jorissen, MD
Jessica Joseph-Alexis, MD
Asiya Kabir, MD
Savitha Kadakol, MD
Jyothi Kadambi, MD
Jyothi Kadambi, MD
Thejaswini Kaggere, MD
Zebaa Kalimullah, MD
Maitri Kalra, MD
Akshatha Kamath, MD
Shirisha Kamidi, MD
Sheeja Kanacheril, MD
Ramcharitha Kandikatla, MD
Bhavana Kandikattu, MD
Neelakanta Kanike, MD
Arti Kanwar, MD
Ashley Karpinos, MD
Arifa Kathawala, MD
Ambika Kattula, MD
Dilasha Katwal, MD
Malvika Kaul, MD
Gurdeep Kaur, MD
Harpreet Kaur, MD
Manjinder Kaur, MD
Jasbir Kaur, MD
Margaret Kay-Stacey, MD
Zainab Kayani, MD
Lacey Keally, MD
Diane Keeney, MD
Jennifer Keim, MD
Arati Kelekar, MD
PEnny Kemle, MD
Jennifer Patton Ker, MD
Katherine Kerchner, MD
Mazen Khalil, MD
Saadia Khan, MD
Shazia Khan, MD
Sameena Khan, MD
Faiza Khan, MD
Neeru Khanna, MD
Kanika Khanna, MD
Pallavi Khanna, MD
Ekta Khurana, MD
Rebecca Kidd, MD
Amy L Kiehl, MD
Hannah Kim, MD
Jennifer King, MD
Meredith Kingeter, MD
Adam Kingeter, MD
Stephanie Kirita, MD
Shweta Kishore, MD
Carrie Kitko, MD
Stephanie Klees, MD
Mary Kline Barnes, MD
Zachary Kohutek, MD
Sailaja Kolli, MD
Harini Kolluri, MD
Heather Koons, MD
Mary Ellen Koran, MD
Cheri Korb, MD
Vinisha Kota, MD
Hardik Kotadia, MD
Srilatha Kothandaraman, MD
Claudia Krasnoff, MD
Sapna Kripalani, MD
Sunil Kripalani, MD
Namrata Krishnan, MD
Charmaine Krupka, MD
Vani Kudlur, MD
Shamlee Kulkarni, MD
Prajakta Kulkarni, MD
Avinash Kumar, MD
Ashutosh Kumar, MD
Seema Kumar, MD
Prabhat Kumar, MD
Shaija Kuttu, MD
Annette Kyzer, MD
Gina Labovitz, MD
Andre Lagrange, MD
Lauren Lagrega, MD
Lauren LaGrega, MD
Michael Erik Landman, MD
Archana Laroia, MD
Sandeep Laroia, MD
Katie Larson, MD
Shalin Lashkari, MD
Alejandra Lastra, MD
John Lavelle, MD
Rebecca Lavelle, MD
Matthew Leavitt, MD
Ruth Lebovitz, MD
Nina LeCompte, MD
Richard Ledford, MD
Kenneth Lee, MD
Melissa Lefebvre, MD
Cassandra Lefevre, MD
Heather Lehmann, MD
Julie Lemmon, MD
Kristen Lempert, MD
Paul S Leonard, MD
James E Levernier, MD
Beverly Levine, MD
Eryn Levis, MD
Ellen Levitt, MD
Shelly Lewis, MD
Nerissa Licup, MD
Mari L Lilly, MD
Jennifer Lim, MD
Kathryn Lindley, MD
Kimberly Linfert, MD
Douglas Linfert, MD
Catherine Linn, MD
MacRae Linton, MD
Matthew Lipton, MD
Nicholas Liston-Avnaim, MD
Amy Lo, MD
Natalie Lockney, MD
Sharan Lohithaswa, MD

Brian Long, MD
Kimberly R. Looney, MD
Sabra Love, MD
Angela Lowenstern, MD
Meghan Luebbert, MD
Ricardo Lugo, MD
Bree Lustre, MD
Meghan Lutschg, MD
Benita L Lynch, MD
Laura Lyons, MD
Ankit Madan, MD
Swetha Madhavarapu, MD
Meena Madhur, MD
Arshia Madni, MD
Gayatri Mahajan, MD
Niyati Mahajan, MD
Anshu Maheshwari, MD
Shraddha Mainali, MD
Geeta Maker-Clark, MD
Sunita Makhijani, MD
Sheetal Malhotra, MD
Bhavna Malik, MD
Shaveta Malik, MD
Ramya Mallareddy, MD
Kelsey Malloy, MD
Meenal Malviya, MD
Shumei Man, MD
Aarti Manchanda, MD
Mydili Maniam-Mohan, MD
Gunjan Mann, MD
Ishrat Mansuri, MD
Sarah Mantle, MD
Satya Mantripragada, MD
Kevin Maquiling, MD
David Marcovitz, MD
Mia Marietta, MD
Paula Marincola Smith, MD
Anne Marsala, MD
Valerie Martin, MD
John Martin, MD
Chad Martin, MD
Clare Martinez, MD
Lorraine Martinez, MD
Emily Mason, MD
Ami Masrani, MD
Emily Masterson, MD
Jessica Mather, MD
Suneetha Maturi, MD
Heather Maune, MD
Jami Maxson, MD
Kathleen Mayor-Lynn, MD
Deborah L Mays, MD
Margaret McCutcheon, MD
Lynne McFarland, MD
Mary Ellen McIntire, MD
Diane McMullin, MD
Diane McMullin, MD
Sue McSwiney, MD
Angela McVie, MD
Andrew McVie, MD
Anne Meade, MD
Sridhar meda, MD
Brinda Mehta, MD
Hillor Mehta, MD
Bena Mehta, MD
Neha Mehta-Shah, MD
Dr. Avani Mehta, MD
Lisa Mendes, MD
Pradnya Mhatre, MD
Jean M Mildenberger, MD
Jessica Miller, MD
Bonnie Miller, MD
Ronald V Miller, MD
Robert Miller, MD
Elizabeth Mills, MD
Ryan Mire, MD
Sara Mirza, MD
Veena Mohan, MD
Ken Monahan, MD
Jennifer Montague, MD
Paula Monte, MD
Jay Montgomery, MD
Lorna Morris, MD
Pamela Morton, MD
Michael Mott-Kannenberg, MD
Sybil Mouzon, MD
Betty D Moyers, MD
Niveditha Mudegowdra, MD
Ambreen Mujahid, MD
Prajakta Mungikar, MD
Joy Murphy, MD
Sarah Murphy, MD
Vasundhara Muthu, MD
Sandra Jane Myers, MD
Allen Naftilan, MD
Ami Naik, MD
Parvathy Nair, MD
Athira Nair, MD
Surya Nallani, MD
Preethi Nambi, MD
Dee Nara, MD
Shweta Narang, MD
Shweta Narang, MD
Kalindi Narine, MD
Monika Natarajan, MD
Ursula Nawab, MD
Emily Peoples Neely, MD
Christina Nelson, MD
Jessica Nelson, MD
Chonn Ng, MD
Maribeth Nicholson, MD
Nicole Nickle, MD
Saritha Nitin, MD
Ana Nobis, MD
Mina Nordness, MD
Jamison Norwood, MD
Raja Nuguri, MD
Jodi O'Hara, MD
Kelly Ortega, MD
Bushra Osmani, MD
Sarah Osmundson, MD
Jaime Kaye Otillio, MD
Jennifer Overfield, MD
Tricia Owen, MD
Barbara Owens, MD
Whitney Pack, MD
Padma J Padivals, MD
Shilpa Pandey, MD
Abhilasha Pandey, MD
Shachee Pandya, MD
Preethy Pankaj, MD
Vaishali Pansare, MD
Milinf Pansare, MD
Nirbhay Parashar, MD
Mona Parikh, MD
Margaret Park, MD
Sarah Parker, MD
Devang Pastakia, MD
Amar Patel, MD
Ankita Patel, MD
Ashikaben Patel, MD
Dipti Patel, MD
Jigisha Patel, MD
Krupa Patel, MD
Neeti Patel, MD
Neha Patel, MD
Priya Patel, MD
Reena Patel, MD
Reshma Patel, MD
Samta Patel, MD
Shefali Patel, MD
Shital Patel, MD
Shrikant Patel, MD
Tejal Patel, MD
Krupa Patel-Lippmann, MD
Lisa Pathak, MD
Harpreet Patheja, MD
Divya Pati, MD
Pallavi Patwari, MD
Alexis Paulson, MSN APRN
Erin Peeden, MD
Monica Peeler, MD
Amanda Peltier, MD
Courtney Penn, MD
Donna J Perlin, MD
Anna Person, MD
Shabana Perveen, MD
Ghazala Perven, MD
April Pettit, MD
Jamie Pfaff, MD
Andrew Pfeffer, MD
Swapna Phadnis, MD
Amelie Pham, MD
Jordan Phillips, MD
Catherine Phillips, MD
Nissy Pholip, MD
Selvi Pillai, MD
Rekha Pillai, MD
Nicole Pisapia, MD
Betty Pittard, MD
Virginia Planz, MD
Diana Pontell, MD
Matthew Pontell, MD
Lauren Poole, MD
Sabrina Poon, MD
Lauren Porras, MD
Dr. Anugya Poudel Chataut, MD
Anita Poulton, MD
Maryam Pourpaki, MD
Jennifer Powers, MD
Kathleen Powers, MD
Priya Prakash, MD
Antonio Prats, MD
Jose Pratts, MD
Colleen Prim, MD
Allison Puechl, MD
Karen Pugh, MD
Tina Puthalon Kunnath, MD
Lara Rabaa, MD
Parul Rai, MD
Sasan Ryan Raissi, MD
Azadeh Raissi, MD
Naureen Raja, MD
Farheen Raja, MD
Nikita Raje, MD
Prajakta Rajput, MD
Jaisingh Rajput, MD
Aniket Rali, MD
nagendra ramanna, MD
Anuradha Ramaswamy, MD
Preethi Ramaswamy, MD
Arundati Ramesh, MD
Laura Beth Ramirez, MD
Sonal Rana, MD
Vinay Rana, MD
Divya Rana, MD
Sharayu Rane, MD
Mohini Ranganathan, MD
Meaghan Ransom, MD
Jayashree Rao, MD
Latha Rao, MD
Laura Rau, MD
Tapan Raut, MD
Lindsay Rauth, MD
Sheila Ravendhran, MD
Deepti Raybagkar, MD
Courtney Raybon, MD
Erin C Rebele, MD
Nakul Reddy, MD
Sudha Reddy, MD
Uma Reddy, MD
Tisha Rekhi, MD
Travis Richardson, MD
Dorsey Rickard, MD
Diana Riera, MD
Diana Riera, MD
Anshu Rimal, MD
Camille Roberts, MD
Connie Robinson, MD
Rachel Robison, MD
Dan Roden, MD
Brenton Rogers, MD
Reina Rohatgi, MD
Mary Romano, MD
Sarah Roos, MD
Lauren Rosen, MD
Howard H Rosenblum Jr., MD
Valerie Roth, MD
Christiana Roussis, MD
Durga Roy, MD
Shafia Rubeen, MD
Lala Rukh, MD
Charlie Rush, MD
Alexandra Russell, MD
Alexandra Russell, MD
Tammy Ruth, MD MEd
Suzanne Sacks, MD
Pooja Sadarangani, MD
Alyssa Saelens, MD
Ashima Sahni, MD
Reagan Saig, MD
Sayena Sajadi, MD
Sailaja Sakam, MD
Divya Salhan, MD
Nicole Salloum, MD
Ashima Salwan, MD
Sumita Samal, MD
Adrienne Samar, MD
Naga swetha Samji, MD
Sanju Samuel, MD
Guadalupe Sanchez, MD
Sheigh Sander, MD
Reesha Sanghani, MD
Neil Sanghani, MD
Sparsha Saralaya, MD
Ashley Sarasan, MD
Ashley Sarasan, MD
Sudha Saraswat, MD
Jayati Sarkar, MD
Asha Sarma, MD
Neha Satyanarayana, MD
Melinda Sava, MD
Corliss Savoie, MD
Sarena Sawlani, MD
Shashi Say, MD
Kathryn Scharbach, MD
Mary Scheib, MD
Sara Schmidt, MD
Mali Schneiter, MD
Allison Schwall, MD
Ruth Scobey, MD
Daniel Scokin, MD
Patricia Scott, MD
Poorani Sekar, MD
Supriya Sekhar, MD
Anuradha Sekhri, MD
Sabari Senthil, MD
Sophia Sequeira, MD
Sophia Sequeira, MD
Shannon Serie, MD
Puja Sethi, MD
Casey Shaba, MD
Steven Shaba, MD
Fariha Shafi, MD
Sonali Shah, MD
Aruna Shah, MD
Chintan Shah, MD
Anuja Shah, MD
Julie Shah, MD
Meeta Shah, MD
Vaishali Shah, MD
Nirali Shah, MD
Sonali Shah, MD
Jan Shaik, MD
Faizan Shaikh, MD
Sue Shallow, MD
Lakshhmi Shankar, MD
Malathi Shanmugam, MD
Sasha Shapiro, MD
Deva Sharma, MD
Ripple Sharma, MD
Sonia Sharma, MD
Rahul Sharma, MD
Sapna Sharma, MD
Nandini Sharma, MD
Divya Sharma, MD
Nidhi Sharma, MD
Deaver Shattuck, MD
Megan Shea, MD
Erin Sheehan, MD
Sharon Shen, MD
Gregg Shepard, MD
Laura Shepherd, MD
Sheena Sheth, MD
Dipa Sheth, MD
Nicky Sheth, MD
Dithi Shetty, MD
Neda Nicole Shirzadi, MD
Jackie B Shrago, MD
Anshu Shridhar, MD
Elizabeth Shultz, MD
Elizabeth Shultz, MD
Anshu Sidana, MD
Sara Siddiqui, MD
Julie Silverman, MD
Rachael Simard, MD
Laura Sinai, MD
Shikha Singh, MD
Swati Singh, MD
Swati Singh, MD
Amita Singh, MD
Preeti Singh, MD
Sarita Singhal, MD
Nupur Singhania, MD
Vaishali Sinha, MD
Ankita Sisselman, MD
Ankita Sisselman, MD
Joshua Smith, MD
joseph smith, MD
Joslyn Smith, MD
KerryLynne Smith, MD
Deborah Snedegar, MD
Neha Solanky, MD
Ashish Soni, MD
Shweta Soni, MD
Shilpa Sood, MD
Laura Sorabella, MD
Lucy Spalluto, MD
Arielle Spitze, MD
Natalie Spradlin, MD
Laura Spraetz, MD
Anupama Sridhar, MD
Sunayana Srin, MD
Archana Srinivas, MD
Georgina Srinivas Rao, MD
Indu Srinivasan, MD
Saroja Sripathi, MD
Eran Stanley, MD
Megan Stauffer, MD
Shannah Steel, MD
William Stevenson, MD
Catherine Stober, MD
John Stokes, MD
Jane Stones, MD
Tara Sturdivant, MD
Archana Sugumar, MD
Linsey Sunderhaus, MD
Katie Sunthankar, MD
Amy M Suppinger, MD
Samantha Suthar, MD
Parker Suttle Jr., MD
Nadia Sutton, MD
Neeraja Swaminathan, MD
Shobha Swaminathan, MD
Neeraja Swaminathan, MD
Nithya Swaminathan, MD
Alissa Swearingen, MD
Ann Sweeney, MD
Arlin Sweet, MD
Deepa Swift, MD
Nadia Syed, MD
Reema Syed, MD
Maryam Syed, MD
Thomas Syriac, MD
Eszter Szentirmai, MD
Abida Taher, MD
Lindsay Tahiry, MD
Chandan Takkar, MD
Anjanipriya Tallamraju, MD
Karen Tapping, MD
Cacky Tate, MD
Connie Tatgenhorst, MD
Kareem Tawfik, MD
Shayne Taylor, MD
Stephanie Taylor, MD
Kathryn Tegeder, MD
Sayani Tewari, MD
Anubha Tewary, MD
Rupd Tha, MD
Laura Tharpe, MD
Arti Thiagarajan, MD
Arvinder Thiara, MD
Lauren Thoma, MD
Amy Thomas, MD
Afua Thompson, MD
Kelly Thomsen, MD
Courtney Tomblinson, MD
Sudhamshi Toom, MD
Janet Dye Townsend, MD
Mario Trabulsy, MD
Elizabeth Triggs, MD
Kavita Tripathi, MD
Mihaela Tudorica, MD
Lisa Usdan, MD
Joyee Vachani, MD
Aswathy Vaikom House, MD
Yuri van der Heijden, MD
Lesley C Van Duinen, MD
Kristin Van Heertum, MD
Pankhuree Vandana, MD
Kay Vandenberg, MD FACOG
Karl VanDevender, MD
Jayashree Vasa, MD
Sri Vasa, MD
Mansi Vasconcellos, MD
Adam Vasconcellos, MD
Serena Vayda, MD
Ramya Vedula, MD
William Ramsey Veeser, MD
Gayatri Venkatraman, MD
Shikha Verma, MD
Kasey Vickers, MD
Rachel Villalon, MD
Regina Vince, MD
Jaspreet Virdi, MD
Padmaja Vittal, MD
Thanh-Mai Vo, MD
Rajvee Vora, MD
Parul Vora, MD
Nilong Vyas, MD
Gauri Waingankar, MD
Amanda Walker, MD
Calla Walters, MD
Michelle Walther, MD
Amber Walton, MD
Ruth Wang, MD MEd
Shobha Wani, MD
Michael Ward, MD
Melissa Warren, MD
Jean Wassenaar, MD
Caroline Watnick, MD
Beverly Weatherspoon, MD
Sheena Weaver, MD
Jennifer Weaver, MD
Angela Weingarten, MD
Mary Beth West, MD
Mary Beth West, MD
Christine West, MD
Beth Westhaus, MD
Christel Westmorland, MD
Lee Wheless, MD
Heather Wherry, MD
Rebecca White, MD
Christine Moody Whitworth, MD
Kai Wicker-Brown, MD
Fred Wilhelm, MD
Andrew Wilkins, MD
Kerry Will, MD
Lindsey Willey, MD
Alexandra Williams, MD
Joyce Alencherri Williams, MD
Amanda Williams, MD
Hilda Wilsdorf, MD
Meghann Wilson, MD
Jo Wilson, MD
Amanda Wilson, MD
Wendy Wilson, MD
Ashley Wolary, MD
Amelia Wong, MD
Kathleene Wooldridge, MD
Whitney Simmons Wormer, MD
Frances Wright, MD
Meera Wright, MD
Molly Wright, MD
Sharon Wright, MD
Angela X, MD
Misha Yajnidk, MD
Elizabeth Yakes, MD
Kelley Yandell, MD
Naga Jaya Smitha Yenduri, MD
Elsia Yoo, MD
Jessica Young, MD
Allison Stilwell Young, MD
Ling Yu, MD
Leilah Zahedi-Spung, MD
Sandip Zalawadiya, MD
Eleana Zamora, MD
Karlyn Zandstra, MD
Sara Zarnegar-Lumley, MD
Ying Zhu, MD
Joseph Zickafoose, MD
Pamela Zizzamia, MD
Atika Zubera, MD
Lisa Zuckerwise, MD FACOG