Erin of Nashville, TN

Erin of Nashville, TN writes:

My name is Erin Alff.  My family and I moved to Nashville in 2011.  I am a stay at home mom to 3 little boys.  We live in the 12 South neighborhood and my oldest attends Glendale Elementary.   As a mom with asthma and with 2 children with it as well, in addition to a son with ADHD, the prospect of losing our health coverage due to our pre-existing conditions is frightening.  As I am sure it is for the other 2.8 million Tennesseans in this same position.

As you can imagine, with asthma and ADHD in our family, we have regular prescription drug needs that insurance goes a long way to cover.  Should my husband change jobs in the future, if the provision that protects pre-existing conditions is removed, our family would face a significant financial burden to cover these much-needed medications.  I agree that we should not take any steps to repeal the ACA without a replacement plan in place first.  I ask you to stand by that statement and to vote no on any bill that repeals pieces of the ACA without a plan first.  And I beg of you to ensure that pre-existing conditions are a consideration in any replacement plan.

Hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans are counting on your to make sure that no harm is done as we change the health care system.  Please vote no on the budget reconciliation and any other bill that will put our people at risk.

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