Dr. Phelps Statement

Dr. Tom Phelps of Tullahoma statement on GOP’s Affordable Care Act replacement “plan”:  “GOP’s Secret Plan Means Less Coverage, Weaker Protections & Higher Costs For Tennesseans”

Dr. Tom Phelps Relaunches Twitter Campaign, Says GOP “Plan”
Caps & Rations Medicaid for Seniors, Children and People with Disabilities

(March, 2, 2017)–– Last night, Bloomberg reported that GOP leaders are hiding the latest iteration of their Affordable Care Act replacement ‘plan’ from Tennesseans. Chaos erupted on the Hill today when Republicans deployed Capitol Hill police to guard the top secret ‘plan’ that will lead to less coverage, weaker protections, and higher costs for Americans. Even Sen. Rand Paul was denied entry to the reading room where the document was being held.  

Rather than leaving Americans in the dark, Republicans should commit to a fully transparent and public process; before the first vote is cast in committee Americans deserve to know how much the GOP plan will cost and have an opportunity to provide input at hearings.  

“Americans have repeatedly voiced concern for Republicans’ health care ‘plan’—at town halls, rallies, in letters to their representatives—and I have been tweeting all last week waiting for answers. We will not be silent until Republicans detail precisely how they will keep Americans insured. Republican secrecy sends a clear message to the public: they are not proud of what they’ve put together,” said Dr. Tom Phelps.  “And from the little information we have gathered it is evident that their ‘plan’ will hurt Americans not help them. ”

It is clear why the GOP is hiding their ‘plan:’ it pales in comparison to the Affordable Care Act. Instead of sharing any details, Republicans are rushing forward with a secret plan, leaving millions of Americans guessing whether or not they will have access to affordable health care, including those who rely on Medicaid and insurance subsidies.

They can’t answer these simple questions Dr. Phelps tweeted via @DrPhelpsTN throughout the Congressional Recess to Rep. Scott DesJarlais, Senator Lamar Alexander, and Senator Bob Corker:

“Quite simply, American lives are on the line, Republicans should quit hiding in the shadows and put their constituents first.  Any changes to the ACA should be done in an open and transparent process.  After all, they are planning to take an axe to Medicaid funding, pull the rug out from under millions of Americans, and increase taxes and out-of-pocket health care costs for working people,” concluded Dr. Tom Phelps.