Dr Katrina Green Demands Lawmakers Keep TN Whole

Join Emergency Physician Dr. Katrina Green in Demanding Lawmakers Keep TN Whole

Dr. Katrina Green

No matter our color, party or zip code, we all have a constitutional right to an equal say in the decisions that impact our lives and shape our future - from curbing the pandemic to creating jobs to providing affordable care.  But now the same handful of politicians who have endangered our lives with lies about COVID are trying to divide us by drawing legislative maps intended to serve their interests instead of our communities’ needs.

I've personally emailed key lawmakers, demanding that they keep our communities whole and focus on delivering what our schools and families need for a decade to come.  Seeing them listen though will take us all speaking up.

Will you help me get our message heard by adding your voice with mine, and sending your own personal email too?

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As a frontline emergency physician, I see the tangible results of Tennessee’s failure to fairly represent the will of ‘We The People’.  Since 2015, in poll after poll, we have seen that two-thirds of registered voters support Medicaid expansion, which would provide health care coverage to uninsured Tennesseans. This means that patients show up in my emergency room with entirely preventable illness and disease, which could have been diagnosed and treated with regular well check-ups.
But Tennessee’s gerrymandered legislature has time and again rejected this opportunity to accept billions of federal tax dollars badly needed by their constituents and by  hospitals, particularly  our rural community hospitals.  In Tennessee, 14 rural hospitals have closed since 2012, the second highest number of closures in any state, and the highest per capita rate in the country.  And if that wasn’t enough, Tennessee has frequently led the nation in bankruptcies from medical debt.

Only with fair and bipartisan district maps can we have elected officials who will govern to actually represent us and not their own political interests.  Voters should pick their leaders - not the other way around.

So will you please join me in demanding that these lawmakers KEEP TENNESSEE WHOLE?