Doctors: Half Measures Aren’t Enough

How many deaths will it take for Governor Lee to listen to health experts?

NASHVILLE -- (March 30, 2020) Gov. Bill Lee’s “safer at home” order is a stay-at-home directive in name only, according to doctors who have been calling for stronger action from the governor.

It has been 11 days and 12 deaths since more than 2,000 doctors and health care workers sent a letter to Gov. Bill Lee pleading for him to issue a stay-at-home order. Health experts have deemed a statewide order essential if Tennessee is going to save lives by mitigating the strain on hospitals and medical equipment supplies.

Gov. Lee’s failure to act early and listen to the plea of doctors has allowed things to get worse in our state, according to Dr. Aaron Milstone, a pulmonary specialist who is treating COVID-19 patients in Tennessee.

“This order doesn’t go far enough to save lives and keep Tennesseans in their homes,” Milstone said. “Gov. Lee’s weak leadership has created confusion, and that in turn is undermining the strong, early steps many of our cities’ mayors took to protect families. Now some Tennesseans are separating from others, but many ARE NOT -- and this means this virus keeps spreading. Urging separation is not enough.”

This means we’re NOT flattening the curve and straining our healthcare system.

“Gov. Lee says we’re not in danger of running out of protective equipment, but his own Health Department has advised healthcare workers to use diapers as masks and appeal to the public for the equipment they need to stay safe. This is HIS job.” said Milstone.

Dr. Milestone ended with,

“As deaths and cases of COVID-19 have risen in Tennessee, we are forced to question how many more avoidable deaths will it take for Gov. Lee to listen to health experts.”

A Stay at Home order will make the difference between thousands of lives lost, or tens of thousands.  Without a statewide Stay at Home Order there will be more deaths — and many that could be prevented with earlier, decisive action like a stay at home order.

“In months from now, no one will question the bold measures taken to save lives. But there will be plenty of questions if we settle now with half-measures and PR campaigns.” said Milstone.

We’re going to keep going until Governor Lee listens to the 2,000 healthcare workers and 27,000 Tennesseans have joined our petition to Governor Lee, because we don’t have a choice - Tennessean lives are at stake.