Stop the attacks on the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners!
Protect our health NOT disinformation.

No matter our color or background, most of us believe in handling challenges with integrity and focusing on solutions that make a better future. When it comes to the health and wellbeing of our families in this COVID crisis, we all deserve honest and reliable information from the health experts, without interference from politicians.

But a few politicians are now threatening to strip the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners of their health authority just for doing their job confronting fraudsters acting like experts who spread disinformation.

These are the same lawmakers who have peddled disinformation about vaccines, denied protections to keep kids safe in school, and who have demanded sacrifices of healthcare workers while undermining them.  Now, they are trying to prevent the medical board from carrying out their responsibility to ensure that the public can depend on physicians for reliable, honest information.

These politicians getting between the public and their doctors are just perpetuating the chaos and confusion around COVID-19 when we should be focused on getting past this crisis, not prolonging it.

We stand in support of the healthcare workers who are just trying to do their jobs and live up to their oath, and we call on Gov. Lee and state lawmakers to end this political interference threatening the integrity of the medical profession, and the honest information Tennesseans rely on to keep their families safe.

signed by Dr. Amy Gordon Bono, Dr. Katrina Green and...