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Let Gov. Lee know that you stand with Tennessee's healthcare workers and want to see state leadership and action to get COVID-19 under control.

Dear Governor Lee:

We are supposed to get through this crisis together. One child’s health depends on the health of the child next to them, and the person next to them.

The CDC still says mask requirements in the classroom are important to mitigate the spread of covid and protect vulnerable children. When that is lifted I’ll be the first to celebrate.

But until then, children remain unvaccinated and some more vulnerable, especially with new variants and our state’s lagging vaccination rate.

  1. public health guidance on mask requirements show they worked Here masking mitigated the spread of covid in our classrooms, kept covid out, schools open and parents at work.
  2. We’re all better off when we are all healthy — especially the most vulnerable among us. Mask requirements protect my neighbor’s children who may be immune compromised.
  3. We agree to speed limits in school zones because you speeding endangers other people’s children. We agree to no-smoking requirements at school because your smoke endangers other people’s children. Not wearing a mask in this pandemic, endangers children other than your own.

We live in a community. We each sacrifice just a little of our ability to care only about ourselves because what one of us does affects the other.

Our community and state is stronger when we care about more than just ourselves.  We should come together, across the differences used to divide us.

Please, reject the politicization of science and health that shut down schools, closed businesses and prolonged this crisis in Tennessee in the first place. Since Covid-19 first came to Tennessee the refusal to follow the science has led to entirely avoidable school closures and business closures, and to entirely avoidable hospitalizations and deaths.  Further politicizing the Covid-19 crisis by rejecting mask requirements for schools and other CDC guidance only prolongs this crisis in Tennessee and endangers the vulnerable and our state's recovery.

Health safety requirements like masking has kept covid out of school, kids in classrooms, parents at work and vulnerable children safe.

I ask that you stand up for real Tennessee values, the ones that believe that no matter where any of us comes from, the color of our skin, what we look like or our politics, the health of one person, depends on the health of the one next to them and mask requirements is a small sacrifice we make together to protect the vulnerable and get through this crisis together.

- Your name