WATCH: Behind the covert disinformation attack on Tennessean health

I was interrupted and cut off multiple times by Rep. Ragan as I tried to explain that our patients deserve information that they can trust, and that there is no place for misinformation and disinformation in our profession.

Dr. Katrina Green was cut off and interrupted by Rep. Ragan as well when she tried explaining that doctors who intentionally spread misinformation about COVID should be held accountable by the Board of Medical Examiners.

"What the state legislators have said - the couple who have made statements - that’s disinformation that’s harming patients in TN with statements they’ve said trying to discredit us and other doctors practicing medicine.” - Dr. Miller

"If a doctor says that, there’s a certain portion of the population gonna believe it and not get the vaccine and die.  We have an obligation to protect the public against those kind of people.  It’s unfortunate that we’re having to endure this pushback from politicians and others.” - Dr. Miller

"We have to remember that we have a lot of docs out there who’ve actually shown up for public comment that are going to perceive us pulling support for this policy as not support for them.  They’re working in EDs and having to isolate themselves from their families and they’re worried about giving it to their family members." - Stephen Loyd, MD.

"I was raised in a culture where physicians held an immense amount of trust because they were looked upon as people who always told the truth.” and "... there are those who are poisioning the well" - Mr. Ellis.

"neither one of these two people who have these bills up are doctors" - Stephen Lloyd, MD.

"doctors who are putting forth good evidence-based medicine deserve the protection of this board….we should be a source of truth." - Dr. Blake

"All I could sit here thinking of is ‘first do no harm’.  I don’t know that it gets any simpler than that." - Dr. Blake.

multiple stories, but listen to the heartbreaking one of the elderly patient who died because he wrongly believed disinformation.

Dr. Katrina Green shares examples of disinformation and misinformation she has seen.

“I hope that the board will stand with those of us physicians and scientists - not the politicians - to regulate our profession as we continue to advocate for patient safety and wellbeing in our state.”

TN Board of Medical Examiners discussing the final language in their response to Chairman Ragan. (you need to hear this!)

Here we are winning the vote against disinformation and misinformation, and for public health guidance rooted in science!

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