Consumers Praise Lower Insurance Costs and Financial Protections Under ACA

(Nashville, TN) – Protect Our Care released a fact sheet this morning outlining the lower insurance costs and financial protections provided under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) this morning.

Health care consumers and patients are celebrating the passage of the law this week – with the official eight year anniversary falling on Friday, March 23. Groups have planned events to highlight the gains under the ACA and explain why Republicans in Washington must abandon their ACA repeal efforts.

The health care law decreased consumers’ out-of-pocket spending by 12 percent just two years after its passage, slowed the staggering spike in premium prices, and decreased the number of personal bankruptcy filings because of robust financial protections.

In contrast, the Trump Administration has managed to make health care much worse for the average American:

  • Approximately 6.4 million fewer Americans will have health coverage after Republicans repealed the individual mandate
  • Older Americans would pay five times more under repeal proposals like Graham-Cassidy
  • Premiums will increase by an estimated average of 18.3 percent in 2019 thanks to the repeal of the individual mandate and expansion of short-term insurance plans
  • More consumers will be hit with medical bankruptcy as Republicans chip away at protections for those with pre-existing conditions and deny coverage for essential health benefits

You can see the full fact sheet here.