CBO Report – Premiums to Rise as Millions Lose Coverage

Contact: Holly McCall
January 17, 2017

Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office Finds Gaping Problems in Repeal

32  Million Americans Will Lose Insurance Coverage If ACA Repealed, Premiums Will Double by 2026

NASHVILLE, Tenn. —Today, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report finding the repeal of key provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will result in 32 million Americans becoming uninsured over the course of 10 years, and more than half of those people—18 million Americans—will lose their insurance within the first year.

The report also found that premiums in the individual market are expected to double over this time period.  Specifically, the report outlines a 20-25% increase in the first plan year after repeal, a 50% increase after the elimination of marketplace subsidies and Medicaid expansion, and “premiums would about double by 2026.”

“This report underscores how dangerous repealing the Affordable Care Act would be and how widespread and long-lasting its impacts are expected to be,” said Dr. Sue Andrews of Family Practice Partners in Murfreesboro, TN.

“1.265 million of Tennesseans with a pre-existing conditions would not have insurance if it weren’t for the ACA [Kaiser Family Foundation] , and 47,000 of Tennesseans under the age of 26 would be kicked off of their parent’s plan,” said Dr. Andrews. “We can’t and we won’t stand idly by as Congressional Republicans put millions of lives on the line and are reckless with our care.”

A recent poll conducted on behalf of the Alliance for Healthcare Security found that an overwhelming majority of Tennesseans believe it is wrong to repeal without a plan to replace the ACA, including provisions for maintaining lowered costs, keeping people covered and protecting people with pre-existing conditions. New research shows 78 percent of Tennesseans want a plan before repeal.

The report was released following a weekend of protests against repeal and is expected to slow down efforts on behalf of the incoming president and Congressional Republicans who have not outlined a plan to replace.

View a copy of the poll and memo: http://protectmycare.org/poll-shows-majority-of-tennesseans-oppose-aca-repeal/

About the Alliance for Healthcare Security
The Alliance for Healthcare Security is a national coalition of nurses, caregivers, patients and healthcare advocates that works to educate consumers on the importance of the Affordable Care Act.

About Dr. Sue Andrews
Dr. Andrews has operated a family practice in Murfreesboro since 1981.  She is a national speaker,  mentor and cares for patients in all stages of life.