Tell Governor Lee:
Listen to Tennessee Physicians, Issue a Stay at Home Order


Sample Script

Governor Lee's Office Phone Number:  (615) 741-2001

Sample Script

I'm calling to ask Governor Lee to follow the advice of tens of thousands of doctors in Tennessee and issue a MANDATED Stay at Home order immediately. 

So far, all he’s given us is a list of suggestions. Our state is in crisis, and we need more than suggestions. We need real leadership. 

I saw on the news that lots of doctors have been pleading with you for a real Stay at Home order, and I agree with them. 

You’ve been ignoring these doctors. Your failure to take decisive action when they asked you to means Tennessee can’t stop this virus in its early stages. 

You’ve been letting it get worse when we should have been preparing, and now I fear it’s too late. 

[Optional: share why it's important to you personally that the Governor follow the advice of medical professionals to save lives]

My message to Governor Lee is, are you going to follow the advice of our doctors and use your authority to issue a MANDATED Stay at Home order to save lives, or will more Tennesseans need to die first?

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