Brian of Chattanooga, TN

Brian of Chattanooga, TN writes:

I am the Rev. Brian Merritt from Renaissance Presbyterian Church and Mercy Junction. As a minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) I am deeply concerned about the rhetoric that surrounds the Affordable Care Act by incoming politicians. My congregation is on the Westside of Chattanooga in both Public Housing and Section 8. I have been witness to both what a lack of affordable healthcare and access to preventative care does to communities that are already struggling.


In Tennessee alone we have seen how a small number of legislators can undemocratically deny funds to some of our most vulnerable citizens and negatively impacting our rural health facilities. We are faced with the possibility that it could do will be eviscerated by those whose hearts are hardened to the cries of the sick, elderly, children and those less fortunate. The ACA benefits us all.

As a pastor I get to work with those who fall through the cracks of our society. I have met the people who are literally still alive today because of the Affordable Care Act. I would hate to think about their demise because this act might be changed. Yet, that is what we face again, people’s very life being threatened by a lack of access to healthcare. 







At this point overturning the Affordable Care Act would hinder the healing and saving of our neighbors. Healing and saving are what we are called to do in the church.It is an act of acute faith to call on our elected officials to open their ears and possibly soften hardened. We have faith that a movement is percolating to care enough about others that we won’t let the Affordable Care Act to be revealed.

We want care not chaos!

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