Ann of Signal Mountain, TN

Ann of Signal Mountain, TN writes:

I’ve been a resident of Hamilton for 32 years. Now retired, I worked since 1972 as a public health nurse in various rural/urban environments and still retain my active RN license in both Tennessee and Michigan. For 10+ years! I worked with pregnant and parenting teens in our county school system. My last role was teaching Health Occupations in a vocational high school program. I have served on Health care related boards, and done volunteer work with disaster relief efforts(Hurricane Katrina).

One of our adult children experienced a severe medical trauma. ACA covered many of the ongoing emergency expenses until they resumed employment, and allowed a negotiated repayment plan. The expenses might have caused bankruptcy because of overlaying student loan debt.

I had denial of coverage when job changes resulted in new insurance plans. This was due to a diagnosis in 1973 of a now, long-stable illness. Hah!

On a professional level, I have worked with families coming from a broad spectrum of coverage: Medicaid, employer provided, Medicare, as well as non insured. It has been heart-breaking over the years to see preventable illnesses not resolved due financial concerns.

One example which haunts me to this day is a woman who could not afford to be evaluated for a large mass on her leg. She died of bone cancer leaving behind several young children.

My career focus in Maternal/Child Health, observing so many families postponing preventive care due to budget, has given me many reasons to be proactive about retaining the important aspects of ACA .

Our country, and taxpayers as a whole, will grow strongest when we prevent illness, provide early intervention, and cover unexpected extreme health needs. A healthy population is an essential ingredient for a productive, forward-facing country. Can we afford NOT to follow through?

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