Advocacy Group Calls on Senators to Reject Flawed Bill and Cynical Approach

(Nashville, Tennessee) – Today, AARP expressed its opposition to the GOP’s so-called “skinny” health care repeal plan in a letter sent to Senators urging them to reject the bill.

Signed by AARP Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer Nancy A. LeaMond, the letter calls on senators to “reject this flawed bill and this cynical approach” in favor of a “bipartisan solution to lower health costs and protect and strengthen the coverage that millions of Americans rely upon.”

The letter can be read in full here.

AARP cites their concerns that the “bill will leave millions uninsured, destabilize the health insurance market, and lead to spikes in the cost of premiums,” the result of which “will be higher health care costs and fewer choices for millions of older Americans.”

This is not the first time AARP has come out against GOP efforts to repeal health care. The organization previously sent two separate letters to Senators strongly criticizing a previous Senate health care bill earlier this month and in June. AARP also joined forces with other health advocacy groups to host events across the country promoting affordable, quality health care.