Tell Governor Lee: Stop Ignoring the Health Experts

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Hello, my name is [your name] and I'm a voter in Tennessee. 

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Governor Lee's patchwork, 'fend for yourself' approach to COVID-19 has failed. His refusal to take responsibility and lead during this crisis has led to entirely avoidable increases in COVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths and avoidable school and business closures. We tried it his way. It didn’t work and I’m calling to ask the Governor if we can now do it the way health experts have said we’ve need to for months.

[share personal stories/examples on the consequences of Gov. Lee’s refusal to lead in this crisis]

Counties that have mask mandates have proven it works. Counties that have refused urging to issue mask mandates have not only seen their strategy fail, but their refusal to issue mask mandates is now undermining the progress of counties that have - and that’s endangering the lives of healthcare workers, teachers, employees and everyone else trying to do the right things in those counties.  Who is going to stand up for them?

What will Gov. Lee do now? If these counties aren’t going to lead, is Gov. Lee not either? 

Governor Lee has the power and authority to intervene and to ensure the families, healthcare workers, teachers, local businesses, and employees threatened by this outbreak, are protected when others refuse to take responsibility. 

Parents, businesses, kids, teachers shouldn’t have to fight this pandemic all on their own. 

We tried it Gov. Lee’s way. It hasn’t worked. Can we now try the way health experts have said we’ve needed for for months now so that we can keep more of our schools and businesses open and so that fewer Tennesseans suffer?

What can I expect from Gov. Lee?

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